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How to do your Homework Fast (Finish in 1 Hour)

Aeww! Again, I’ll have to sit for hours and complete my homework. After spending hours in college classes, I used to think about it daily, which stressed me. Homework hasn’t been entertaining for me (probably for any student). Instead, it causes stress to a majority of students. Friends gatherings, family chores, social media activities, and job duties (for employed students) aggravate the situation. In this situation, homework can be the only other name for depression and anxiety. However, I learned how to manage and complete homework fast.

The following hacks reveal how to finish a lot of homework in one hour. Let’s look at all the following tips and tricks to complete homework quickly.

How to do your homework fast?

Here, I am going to explain all the methods that worked for me, and I hope you will also learn from these tips;

5 minutes trick:

It is admitted that nothing is more complicated than starting a tedious task. Most students waste their time thinking about the heavy burden of homework assigned by teachers. Overthinking about homework not only wastes students’ precious hours but brings stress and anxiety as well.

Therefore, it is always advised to start your homework immediately. If you can’t do it immediately, think before starting your assignment that you will do that work only for 5 minutes. Once you start, you won’t stop in 5 minutes.

Prioritize your work:

It is tough to start with a complex subject. For example, chemistry was one of the most challenging subjects for me.

On the flip side, I was good at Mathematics. Therefore, I always started doing my homework with mathematics.

You can also prioritize your homework; thereby, you can complete it quickly.

Turn off Phone:

In this technologically advanced era, mobile phones are enough to distract a person. We unknowingly waste our hours once we start using social media on our smartphones. Aside from social media apps, games and videos are the main time-killers. In fact, we should admit that we are the addicted generation.

So, if you want to do your homework fast, turn off your mobile phone.

Take short breaks:

Keeping focus on a task for long hours can kill your productivity. Hence, taking short breaks can improve your productivity, which helps you do homework fast.

Here, it is essential to say that long breaks are also the enemy of productivity. You need strong determination to start again after taking a long break. Therefore, you are advised to take short breaks to increase your productivity.

How to finish a lot of Homework in one hour?

Here is the pro tip to share, as I promised at inception. For employed students, it can be the best advice to act upon.

For me, as an employed student, where time was more important than money. Whenever I had to focus on my job and hadn’t time to do my homework, I outsourced my task. Actually, I got help from an expert on the relevant subject to complete my assignment. So, you can also get help and pay someone to do your online class and homework. It takes only 10-15 minutes to search and assign your task to an expert from Masterassignmenthelp. Thanks me later.


You can do your homework quickly by following the above hacks. And by following the last trick, you can finish your homework in one hour by working smart. If you have any related questions, do ask in the comment section.

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