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Honor Code

MasterAssignmentHelp is here to help you with achieving your educational objectives. It involves improving your topic knowledge with rich and authentic resources. We aim to help you live a better life and fulfill your academic aspirations at every step.

We encourage our students to conduct themselves with the utmost academic integrity. We DO NOT support the usage of any materials or related services made available through our website for academic misconduct. That may include but is not restricted to plagiarism and cheating.

Here are a few instances of misconduct:


Do not claim ownership of someone else’s study materials on MasterAssignmentHelp by uploading them.


Do not submit answers or solutions that you directly copied from MasterAssignmentHelp resources as your own.


Do not utilize MasterAssignmentHelp services to do graded tasks. When doing so would be against your institution’s honor code, or when you have been told to refrain from using outside aid.


  • Do not share information on MasterAssignmentHelp with your classmates during a test or exam that has a closed-book policy
  • Posting information online that your expert has instructed you not to share in public

Please only use MasterAssignmentHelp to aid in your learning for assignments in a way that complies with your institution’s rules. We are aware that institutions put a lot of demands and time restrictions on students. However, the gain is not worth the chance of breaking your institution’s honor code.

Cheating, plagiarism, and other violations of the honor code of your institution may have serious repercussions. Depending on the circumstances, offenses may lead to expulsion and detention from your institution. Likewise, any MasterAssignmentHelp expert who willfully transgresses our honor code will lose their expert status on our website.

We are dedicated to preventing the improper usage of our products. Visit our Academic Integrity webpage to submit a Code of Conduct Escalation ticket if you believe there have been Honor Code infractions. To maintain the integrity of exams, faculty may also use this website to request that content be temporarily restricted. We appreciate your cooperation as we assist student learning.