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Fair Usage Policy

MasterAssignmentHelp is one of the leading online academic writing service providers in the world. For the last many years, it has been providing the best writing assistance to students based in various countries across the world. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced writers who strive hard to deliver you a paper that is tailor-made, entirely original, and meets your university guidelines and standards. They work with all their might to provide you with a document that scores nothing less than an A.

We want you to fulfill your dream of achieving excellent grades by taking full advantage of our writing help. The main motive of our services is to help you with research, as well as gain knowledge in the given subject so that you can create your own, 100% authentic work. This means that the document we deliver you should only be used as a reference to create your own piece of work and not be submitted directly to your professor.

So, before you take our services, please go through our Fair Use Policy so that you get a better understanding of how your should use the work that we provide you. This policy is written in simple language, but if at any point, you have some queries, then feel free to contact us anytime!

The Motive Behind Our Fair Use Policy

The primary objective of our writing services is to provide you with the necessary information on your topic so that you can conduct further research and write a high-scoring document. However, many scholars make the wrong use of our services by submitting our original work directly to their professors to save themselves from the hard work.

We have this Fair Use Policy to make you understand that doing something like this is a form of plagiarism which have dire consequences. The work you receive from our end is copyrighted and the best way to take its advantage is by considering it as a guide to acquire knowledge, conduct further research, and then create your own scholastic document.

The Right Way of Using the Work We Provide You

The documents that we compose are aimed to assist students on how a specific topic should be handled so that they can come up with a new and unique perspective to write their papers, collect relevant information from credible sources, and learn the proper formatting. So, instead of passing off our work as your original, you should use it for the following purposes:

  • To acquire knowledge of the topic and understand how the question has been answered.
  • To focus on important points mentioned in each section and paragraph and make notes on them.
  • To develop your own ideas and arguments from the notes that you have prepared.
  • To review the sources mentioned in the paper provided by us and use them to conduct further research and collect more information.

Once you prepare the final document, make sure it is 100% authentic and completely based on your own ideas and perspective. Conducting a deep research and writing you paper from scratch require a lot more time and efforts than simply submitting our work as your own. But, by working on your document, you will get a good understanding of the given topic and overall subject as well and score high in your internal assessments and exams.

The Consequences of Submitting Our Reference Papers to Your Professor as Your Own

Our researchers and writers work day and night to gather the best data and produce excellent papers so that you acquire complete knowledge of the topic and compose your own documents with a new perspective. Everything they create is their original piece of work. Our work can never end up being flagged by plagiarism scanners beacuse we never upload it on the web. So, if you submit the reference papers to your professor, there is no way that he/she will get to know that it is our work.

However, your professor might be compelled to think that your style of writing doesn’t match to the paper, or that you have used sources that you don’t have access to or sufficient knowledge to find. You may even be asked to explain the work back to him/her. And if you have handed our work as your own, then you will be found guilty of doing plagiarism which can lead to serious consequences. Even if you rephrase the reference paper, it will still be counted as unoriginal.

So, we strongly suggest you to comply with this Fair Use Policy and use our academic writing services for intended purpose only. Abiding by our policy will not only give you a sense of satisfaction that you have done an honest job but help you improve your knowledge of the subject and maintain your academic scorecard.

The Reasons Why You Should Take Academic Writing Assistance From Us

After knowing that submitting our work to your professor as your own can be threatening to your academic career, you may be thinking that why should you take academic writing assistance from us then. So, we want to let you know that by taking our services, you will be able to do a concise analysis, in-depth research, as well as build unique opinions and views on a particular topic.

Our reference papers are the most powerful research tools that students can use to create their own academic papers. They will serve as a guideline for you to think of a different point of view when creating your work and gain the best knowledge. Buying them from us will save your efforts and time that you invest in sorting through massive amounts of research material, coursebooks, and university documentation.

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